What is "stockfree oragnic" also known as "vegan-organic"?
It means that animal bi-products (including tissue and feathers) are NOT used in any part of cultivation.

Here are some links to get you caught up.  If you're a vegetarian / vegan like myself, you will be horrified to learn what many "organic" farms are using to fertilize your food.  It may be worse than the synthetics you were trying to avoid in the first place.  We need to spread the word about STOCKFREE / VEGAN ORGANICS!

Dannon Yogurt Dannon claims that the source of "NATURAL FLAVOR" in their products is proprietary information (which means it may not be vegetarian). I recommend that you avoid all Dannon products. Proprietary - (877)326-6668, August 5th, 2009
Eating Right Naturally Flavored Fruit & Grain Cereal Bars Vegetarian. The glycerin and all additives are plant derived. Confirmed via 877-232-4271 July 14, 2009
Gatorade All Gatorade products are vegetarian / vegan. Confirmed via 800-884-2867 July 13, 2009
Healthy Choice All Natural Entrées The origin of the "NATURAL FLAVORS" in Healthy Choice products is considered proprietary information and may contain ingredients derived from animal. The representative on the phone claims that the natural flavors are usually based on ingredients already listed for the specific product. Proprietary - (800)323-9980, August 5th, 2009
Malt o Meal Vitamin D from lanolin NOT VEGAN 800-743-3029 10/13/2011
Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars ** Waiting for answer ** Unconfirmed
O ORGANICS - Organic Soymilk (all varieties) B12 in ALL products is derived from animal tissue. NOT VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN via 877-232-4271 February 23, 2011
Post (cereal products) Post uses lanolin derived from sheep's wool for D vitamins in all of their products. The B12 might also be derived from animal tissue, which would disqualify their products from being vegetarian as well. NOT VEGAN - Post Foods 800-431-7678
Pringles Pringles potato chips that do not contain dairy are vegan, the rest are vegetarian. Confirmed - Procter & gamble 800-568-4035
Rudi's Organic breads All Rudi's Organic breads are vegetarian. All Rudi's Organic breads are vegan except those that contain honey. Confirmed - Rudi's FAQ (on their website)
Silk ALL products are VEGAN. There are no animal derivatives in any of their products. Confirmed - Silk's FAQ (on their website)
Skittles and Starburst Original Both products contained gelatin until January 2009. Check the ingredients label to make sure you are purchasing the new formula. The telephone representative claims that there is neither shellac nor "confectioner's glaze" in either product; they are both vegetarian. Confirmed via email and 800-974-4539 on July 21, 2009
WONKA All WONKA candies that *do not* contain gelatin are vegetarian. And as long as they don't have milk or eggs in the ingredients, they're also vegan! Confirmed via 800-358-1971 August 27, 2009
V8 V-Fusion Vegetable & Fruit vegetarian. Confirmed via 800-871-0988 July 16, 2009
YummyEarth All pops and drops are kosher and animal free. VEGAN! Confirmed - email

Here is a message that I tried to post on several popular "vegan" forums, but was denied because it "contained links". If you run a "vegan" forum, you should really lighten up!:

Did you know that the term "organic" just means "non-synthetic"?

After some intense research on additives in food ingredients, my wife and I, as vegetarians thought "well, we might as well just go vegan". I was thinking about what actually defines "vegan", and I thought well if an animal is imprisoned for its manure, that wouldn't be vegan. So I did some more research.

I was horrified to learn that, not only are animals imprisoned for their manure, but animal bi-products (yes, chucks of animal tissue and feathers) are considered a "certified organic" fertilizer!

There is hope though! It's called "stockfree organic" or "vegan-organic", and I can't believe it isn't a hot topic amongst many vegans. Now that we are vegans and want to reduce (eliminate) suffering of animals caused by humans - not to mention eat organic foods *without* any animal bi-products used in the cultivation.

I have created a web-page with a few links to sites that offer more insight to the process:

Let's go full circle with "green manure". Read the PDF files on , it really looks like a win-win for all (consumer, farmer, and environment). We just need to send emails to companies that claim there products are "organic" and get them to raise an eyebrow with us.